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We transform materials and young minds,

but we need your help.

Be the spark that keeps the fire burning!

Eutectic Arts, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Eutectic Arts provides a unique and innovative program, teaching real-world concepts through hands-on processes.


Your gift ensures more young people have an opportunity to learn this form of art,

building personal growth through empowerment, trust, teamwork, and positive creative thinking.


Buys a pair of work gloves


Buys a leather safety jacket


Keeps our furnace fueled up


Provides the raw materials for 25 student artworks

Or choose a custom amount...

1100 degrees changes everything! And every dollar makes a difference.

Help us keep the metal flowing!

Donate your aluminum scrap...

we'll recycle it into student artwork!

We accept any (relatively clean) aluminum, such as:

  • Castings   *preferred

  • Sheet / Plate (scraps)

  • Tubing

  • Wire

  • Car Rims

  • Bike Frames

  • Construction Materials (gutters, siding)

Unsure if your old bike / rim / misc. metal is steel or aluminum?

Put a magnet up to it!

Steel is magnetic; aluminum is not.


One tire rim

can turn into

eight unique sculptures!

Give your old boots a new purpose...

Making the process safe is our top priority, and that starts at ground level (literally).

Let's be blunt: there are inherent risks when dealing with molten metal. We take safety seriously, which is why work boots are the protocol. They provide foot and ankle support, traction, and protection from any hot tools, sparks, spills, etc.

Our mission is to work with as many students as possible... and we can't expect them to have a pair of proper work boots.

We are constantly expanding our "bowling alley" selection, so that lack of safe footwear will never limit participation.

If you have a pair of boots you don't need / want anymore, please consider donating them to Eutectic Arts!



Leather boots with a dense sole, such as:

  • Work boots

  • Hiking boots (leather)

  • Kick-offs

  • Cowboy boots

  • Electrician's boots (Dingo boots)

  • Military boots

    *No synthetic materials, and no zippers

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