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The Eutectic Arts mission is all about personal growth, trust, and kinship.

Your skills can help promote and facilitate access to this unique form of creative learning.


- Internships -

An internship with Eutectic Arts is a specific commitment for a set length of time. Individual discussion will determine those factors, based on experience and expertise (what duties you might take on), and if there are requirements for school / college credit that dictate a number of hours. Internships can focus on the metal casting process, but also be geared toward nonprofit leadership, organization management, design, media, etc.

*We are especially interested in intern applications from former participants of the Eutectic Arts program. Take what you learned by pouring with us, and help bring that experience to the next group of students!

- Volunteer Opportunities -

We rely heavily on our volunteers to make the metal casting process safe and accessible. Volunteers are called upon for specific events which are 1-2 days each. If you have metal casting experience and are excited about sharing that knowledge with students, please reach out to us!

We are also open to other areas for volunteer work as we grow the organization. If you are interested in helping out by using your specific skill-set, please let us know!

To apply for an Internship or to become a Volunteer:


Please send a letter of interest, and a short resume to:

Marjee Levine and Lou Fahey

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