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A unique art-making experience, based on trust and communication.


Nothing says "teamwork" like carrying a ladle full of molten metal!

You and your team can experience our hands-on, collaborative, sculpture process.



Each participant will carve a design into a "scratch-block" mold.

For those who think they are not artistic, have no fear! You can draw your own image, or use one of our pre-printed templates.

Then you get to POUR MOLTEN METAL into those molds! Yes…we mean YOU!

In detail we will go through the choreography of the pour, specific roles, and all safety practices.


As a group, and within designated teams, we will then melt aluminum, and pour each mold until everything is filled.

Once all molds are poured and cooled, participants will clean and finish the surface.

Congratulations! You just made a cast metal sculpture.



A unique piece of cast metal sculpture that you made yourself - start to finish!

A sense of accomplishment that you tried something new, maybe outside of your comfort zone.

A new understanding of your own strength (both physical and mental), and that of others.

A deeper base of communication, learned though overcoming a collective (and very real) challenge.


A confirmed faith that your co-workers have your back when it counts.


A good excuse to put your feet up and rest.

A warm heart because you helped support our mission (read more here).

Each person makes their own piece of art, but it takes everyone working together to cast.

Learn more about the process here.


This is a one day (roughly 6 hour) event.

We will come to your location, provided there is suitable outdoor space available. If not, you can come to us! We will need access before and after the event for setup / cleanup.

We provide all equipment, materials, and safety gear. We will also send out instructions regarding pour-appropriate dress.

Costs vary depending on number of people, so please let us know the size of your team.

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