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COVID safe & COVID significant

Bringing relevant and meaningful experience to the "new normal"...

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"This year has produced a ton of memories for the kids, but not the memories we are normally able to provide for them. I know the students who you worked with today are not even going to mention the word covid when recounting this day in years to come."

- Ross Kowalski, educator at Norwell High School  

What do we mean by COVID significant?

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The pandemic has caused so much detachment: loss of life, separation from loved ones and friends, personal and institutional restrictions, missed moments and opportunities, and a profound sense of isolation. While we never could have anticipated these challenges, our only choice is to adapt and build strength by working through them.


The Eutectic Arts program, in its subject, spirit, and mission, is wholly significant under these circumstances. The foreignness of the activity asks participants to face a new experience and overcome uncertainty, and the nature of the process brings people together in a necessary and collaborative way. Yes, we transform materials, but through connection and creation we also learn to change our state of being.


    Engage in challenge

         Dare to trust yourself

       Develop new skills

             Build communication

        Learn to rely on others

          Realize your accomplishment

     Believe in self-expression

              Find your strength

Eutectic Arts' COVID policy:

Marjee and Lou have been working in-person as educators (K-12 and college) throughout the pandemic. They are comfortable and up-to-date with all state guidelines and COVID safety measures. Since Eutectic Arts is a mobile operation and will come to your school / institution, we will work with the administration to comply with any specific regulations. Our commitment is as follows:

  • All activities are designed to be outdoors

  • Activities can be performed while maintaining physical distancing

  • Directors and volunteers are all fully vaccinated and tested regularly

  • All shared safety gear and equipment is sanitized between uses

Please reach out to us with any inquiries, questions, or concerns!

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