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Relating to or denoting a mixture of substances that yields the lowest possible complete melting point. Upon cooling the mixture converts from liquid to an intimately mixed solid.


Eutectic Arts was conceived and developed by Marjee Levine and Lou Fahey, whose partnership in this endeavor is the perfect fusion of technical skill and therapeutic expertise. Through prominent experience in their respective fields, they have identified an opportunity for a unique and edifying activity that is unlike any currently available resource. Marjee and Lou have both intimately experienced the power of change within the metal casting process; and as educators, they have witnessed it in others. They believe that this activity holds the potential to open doors, both literally and figuratively, and it should be available and accessible to all who want to learn. Hence, the foundation of Eutectic Arts, where making sculpture is the physical representation of personal achievement.



Eutectic Arts is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and mental health organization, using sculptural processes as an innovative form of learning. Lead by educators, therapeutic professionals, and working artists, we engage youth and adults with hands-on activities, using specially designed equipment and our mobile workshop. Particularly focused on the art of casting metal, the collaborative and captivating experience encourages teamwork, problem solving, and communication. Fusing artistic expression and practical understanding, participants are empowered to develop broad creative thinking, and activate positive self-awareness. By engaging with these materials and each other, the Eutectic Arts program builds kinship, trust, and confidence through the transformative nature of sculpture.



Making art is an amazing way to find yourself - and we choose to take the unexpected path. Our focus is the wholly formative experience of making cast metal sculpture. Every step of the process matters, as does every person and their role within it. With our mobile workshop, we can travel to schools, institutions, and organizations, targeting teenagers / young adults (12 and up), who would not otherwise have access to this type of activity. Students learn to try, trust, communicate, and discover where that can lead. The program is all about making connections: mental, physical, and conceptual, and the long-term broader thinking that is developed through accepting that challenge.



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